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General instructions (will work for most Samsung phones..):

1. Turn off your Samsung phone
2. Insert a non-accepted sim card (different from the original carrier).
3. Turn on the phone.
4. Slide to unlock and phone will ask for the unlock code
5. Enter the unlock code you received from

Your phone is now fully unlocked!

How to Enter Defreeze Code for "Phone Freeze" Samsung Devices (only if your Samsung is Hard locked)?

(A) Solution

1.Insert a non-accepted simcard into the phone.
2.Proceed to the dial screen.
3.Enter the defreeze code (Freeze code) and press enter.
4.The screen should now ask for the unlock code (Network Code).
5. Enter the 8 digit unlock code and hit enter.

(B) Solution

1. Turn phone on with an unaccepted simcard.
2. Screen will display “Phone is freeze / SOS”.
3. Type the unfreeze code (Nothing will show on screen).
4. Hit the “Enter Button”.
5. Phone will ask for the Network lock code.
6. Enter it as you have received it.
7. Phone will be unfreeze and unlocked.

Trouble Shooting

"Phone Freeze" Message What do I do?

If the phone shows the message "Phone Freeze" with an unauthorized sim, this means someone already has tried wrong codes many times and has hardlocked the phone. You will need a defreeze (also called unfreeze or stuck code). If the defreeze code was not sent to you, please contact us.

"Code Error" or "Sim Network Unlock Unsuccessful" What do I do?

Please check your IMEI number by pressing *#06#, this is the most common reason the code doesn't work.  If the first 15 digits which appear is different from the 15 digit IMEI number provided above, please reply directly to this E-mail.

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