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General informations

How to Enter Unlock Codes on all LG Models?

Different phones have different Unlock Code Input Instructions, Try the following Instructions in Order:

(A) Solution

1. Insert a non-accepted sim card, and enter code when prompted for a code.

Your phone is now fully unlocked!

(B) Solution

1. Go to the dial screen and press "2945#*model number#"
example; If it's a LG G3 D855 for Europe, you will enter "2945#*855#" or if it's a LG G3 D850 for AT&T you will enter "2945#*850#" etc.
2. Select "Network Lock" or "Service Provider lock".
3. Enter the unlock code.
4. Press Done.
Your phone is now fully unlocked!

(C) Solution

Go to the dial screen and press 2945#*71001# as if making a call, enter code when prompted.

(D) Solution

Go to the dial screen and press *#865625# as if making a call, enter code when prompted.

Troubleshooting LG unlock code;

If LG Phone says, "Code Accepted" or "Network Unlock Successful" or "Not Yet Personalized" your phone is fully Unlocked.

*If you are not receiving any signal after unlocking, make sure your wireless connections are turned on after unlocking the phone. Also pull the battery and restart phone. 

"Code Error" or "Sim Network Unlock Unsuccessful" What do I do?

*Please check your IMEI number by pressing *#06#, this is the most common reason the code doesn't work. If the first 15 digits which appear is different from the 15 digit IMEI number provided us.

I can make Calls and Text but I'm not getting Internet Service.

*In this case you will need to adjust what's called the APN settings. The APN settings vary depending on the service provider you are trying to use. Please contact your service provider and they can assist you setting this up. There is no separate unlock for data or internet. If you can call or text, your phone's network is fully unlocked.

My Phone is asking for the "PUK" or "Security Pin" or "Password".

*If your phone is asking for one of the above, it is the Simcard personal password or phone security password NOT the Network Lock which we provide for you. You can contact your service provider for this. Once you bypass this, you can use the Network Unlock Code provided by us.

My Phone seems to be unlocked but I'm not getting any signal.

*First of all, we do request you contact the service provider to make sure after unlocking your device, your unlocked phone will be compatible on their network. Not all GSM phones are compatible with any Network after unlocking it. The unlocked phone must be able to support the Network's Frequency. If you are unsure of this, please contact them regading this.

After unlocking your phone, please pull the battery for a couple minutes and then restart the device. It may take a few minutes for your phone to pick up the new signal. Also go to your Network settings on your phone, and make sure the device can detect the signal from the simcard you are trying use.

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